Privacy Policy

Safeguarding Your Personal Information

You decide how much personal information you desire to make available to others on  We will use some of your information to designate a private and secure area within this website in which your information will be stored and which only you control.  Others may visit this website to view information which you decide to make available to the public, such as your resume.

Aggregate and anonymous data regarding users of will be used to help us make this website more efficient.  We will not sell any of your personal information to anyone for any reason. However, others who visit our website may collect your resume information and send to you messages for which StaffTree, Inc. is not responsible.  Additionally, we cannot guarantee that third parties will never be able to defeat our security and gain access to your personal information.

Be cautious when dealing with others online, especially contacts outside your own country. Do not reveal sensitive information such as social security number bank account numbers, credit card account numbers, marital status, and eye color.

Three Levels of Privacy for Resume

Posting your full resume on the Internet can be intimidating.  If you are so bold then your resume will reach the broadest possible audience of employers because it will be included in our research database. If you so desire, you may post your resume without your contact information, in which case it will be included in the database but prospective employers may contact you only through StaffTree, Inc.  A third option is to keep your resume in your secure area and send it only to selected employers identified by you.

Credit Card Security strives for the highest level of encryption to assure maximum security for credit card transactions. does not place cookies except those which permit serving your secure pages to you without requiring you to repeatedly identify yourself. If during a particular visit to you make no changes for one hour, we assume that you are away from your computer and the cookie automatically expires in order to prevent unauthorized access to your secure pages by others.

Internet Protocol Address

Each visitor to has an Internet Protocol address. We will collect your IP address to administer this website and to identify you during your visits.

Advertising and External Links permits advertising by third parties who may place cookies when you visit their websites. Additionally, has no control over linked websites and is not responsible for their privacy practices.