Intern / Trainee Information

If you are a young person outside the U.S. who is eager to begin his or her business career, one year of paid training in an American business can boost your long-term prospects. With the help of StaffTree, you can enjoy one of the peak experiences of your life, a business internship in America. While earning enough money to support yourself, you can polish your spoken English, learn a range of business practices, and enjoy the sights and sounds of American culture while living in an exciting American city.

If a paid adventure seems attractive to you, StaffTree will identify an internship training position with an American company that matches your preferences, experiences, and education. You will be guided through the application process, which includes a written application and several interviews. If both you and the American company approve of each other, you can complete your application, and then start your adventure!

Practical experience is often the best teacher. Your training will primarily include practical contribution to the business goals of your American company, which will pay you a regular salary which you will know before you leave home. The written training plan for your internship will build upon your background and meet the needs of the host company.

During your adventure in America you will be free on weekends and holidays to travel and explore as much as your curiosity and resources permit. In addition to the Americans at your host company, you may want to meet others to maximize your adventure. Your skills in English will progress most quickly if you are able to speak with numerous people in a variety of settings.