Host Company Information

Many firms enrich their workplaces with educated young people from abroad. Your firm can benefit by hosting an English-speaking young person who is prepared by education or experience for entry-level participation in your business operations. He or she wants to experience an American workplace for career development, and you will gain a dedicated contributor at minimal cost.

In this exchange program under the auspices of the U.S. Department of State, your firm can enrich the cultural diversity of its workforce. After a review of resumes and a telephone interview, you may select a candidate whom you think best matches your requirements. All of the government liaison and other administrative details will be performed by StaffTree.

Your plans for the on-the-job experience of your selected candidate will be written and agreed upon before he or she arrives. University students or recent graduates may remain with your firm for on-the-job internships of 12 months. Graduates with business degrees and more than one year of business experience in their home countries can be trainees for up to 18 months. The intern or trainee cannot fill the position of a regular permanent staff member in your firm. The training experience must not require licensing and must not be mere unskilled or casual labor or require more than 20% clerical work.

Host firms must be sufficiently large to offer sophisticated business operations for a meaningful training experience. A tax ID number, a Dun and Bradstreet ID number, a Workman’s Compensation insurance policy, and annual sales over $3 million are required.