Candidate FAQ

General Contact:

468 North Camden Drive, Suite 223

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Q. How can I contact a StaffTree representative?

By calling (310) 858-5556, or by sending an email to

Q. How can we view a list of your clients?

In the About Us tab, click on the Client List link.

Q. Does StaffTree limit its search of candidates to California?

StaffTree has the capablity to find candidates all over the US and abroad.

Q. What is the cost to post a resume on

There is no charge for a job seeker to post a resume on

Q. Will StaffTree replace trainees if they're not satisfied with their performance?

Although highly unlikely (we thoroughly screen candidates in English

proficiency, customer service, business, and other skills), StaffTree will locate

another candidate if the employer's standards are not met.

Q. What is the educational level of the trainees?

StaffTree ensures that all interns hold a college degree and are proficient

in English.

Q. If I still have more questions, whom do I contact?

You can call a StaffTree at: (310) 858-5556 (between 8am-5pm Pacific Time),

or send an email to: